How to secure your windows from being broken again

Posted on: 3 December 2015

When protecting your home from intrusion, there are many things to think about. Installing security lights, alarms, and security doors are some of those things. One thing that you should put under special consideration is the windows in your home. Windows are areas in your facade that are extra desirable to burglars as they are seen as easy points of access. If you've experienced getting your windows broken by burglars, or other things, you should look into getting the windows replaced or reinforced. There are things you can do to make sure that your previously broken windows become much more unattractive to burglars.

Replacement glass

If you've had your glass broken because of a burglary in your home, this is an excellent opportunity to get your glasses replaced. While you're getting emergency glass repairs, you could ask the company to get your windows replaced at the same time. One option is to get reinforced glass, like tempered glass, installed. This is glass that is harder to break than ordinary glass. You could also go one step further and install Plexiglas windows in your home, as these are very hard to break, and especially without tools.


Another option for protecting your windows is to get bars installed. This might sound like it would make your house look like a prison, but in reality there are many options for decorative window bars that can be made to suit the style of your house. Creating imagery with steel, or weaving patterns in steal are both common practices for many companies specialising in putting in bars for windows. The safety aspect of installing bars might also outweigh the aesthetic aspect, as it doesn't matter if the burglar breaks a window, they still won't be able to get through the bars to actually get in to the house.

Films or glaze

If you just want to get the window that has been broken repaired without changing it entirely, you could get a protective film for it. This makes it harder to break and also prevents shatters to spread from the broken window. Many emergency repair firms also offer to glaze the broken window as they are replacing it, which could be done only to repair the window, but also to reinforce it, depending on what type of glazing services the company offers.


You should also look into the option of getting a security alarm especially designed for your windows. The most common type of alarms is the kind that warns you if someone tries to pry the window open, but there are also alarms that can turn your attention to it if the glass is being broken.