Key Services Your Emergency Locksmith Offers for Smart Lock Lockouts

Posted on: 18 March 2022

Smart locks are an increasingly popular security option for homes and businesses. These locks do not work the same as traditional locking systems. With a traditional locking system, you should be concerned about lost keys or a key no longer working. Also, if you have an attempted break-in, you may need to worry about needing to replace the lock. When you have a smart lock there are more technical concerns. Here are some services you need to make sure your locksmith offers in case you need an emergency locksmith for your smart lock. 

Smart Lock Programming

One of the key services and training you need to check is that your emergency locksmith has a background in programming smart locks. Most locksmiths are taking on career development courses that cover the programming side of the smart lock. This is to help understand what programming codes may be used and how to work around the programming to refresh the system or to manually turn the system off and on. It also helps with emergency installation if you want to upgrade a lock to a smart lock after an emergency issue. 

Smart Lock Certified

There are many smart lock companies and manufacturers that offer certifications for locksmiths. These certifications help to train locksmiths in specific brands, installation, troubleshooting and other key elements of the smart lock that could go wrong. You may notice this certification listed on the website or social media page. This type of certification not only lets you know the locksmith is certified but also the type of lock or brand you will likely be receiving and if the locksmith has knowledge of your smart lock. 

Emergency Installation Services

You may encounter an emergency issue where your current lock can not be fixed. This may be due to an attempted robbery or other damage-causing issues with the lock itself. In these cases, a replacement is necessary. If you have a smart lock currently, or want a smart lock, you need to ensure the locksmith offers emergency smart lock installation. Keep in mind, some locksmiths may choose to install smart locks during normal business owners and not as an emergency service. 

These are just a few of the services you should look for in a potential emergency locksmith for your smart lock systems. Keep in mind, services may vary greatly if you have smart lock systems for your business versus your residence. These services may also affect the final fee schedule for your emergency services. 

For more information, contact an emergency locksmith near you.