3 Instances You Should Hire a Locksmith to Rekey Locks

Posted on: 11 March 2021

Locks play a significant role in securing your family and property. However, that depends on their efficiency and quality. Without a functional lock system, you stand a risk of burglary or theft. That deprives you of good night sleep and peace of mind when no one is at home. When a lock issue emerges, you should seek an immediate solution. 

The best way to beef up security in your property is by hiring a professional locksmith to rekey the locks. While not all cases need rekeying, the following instances do:

1. After Moving to a New Home 

When moving into a new home, rekeying the locks of the new place is vital. Even if the landlord or the previous owner has given you copies of each key for each lock in the house, it does not guarantee security.

Remember, the previous occupant could have issued their keys to other people, perhaps their colleagues and family members. Having your home's keys with strangers is a security threat. For that reason, rekeying the locks of the new house should be part of your moving plans.

2. After Losing or Misplacing Your Keys

Whenever you lose or misplace your keys, always assume they've fallen into the wrong hands. Even if the keys are somewhere around the home, be on the safe side by rekeying all the locks.

Rekeying might seem excessive, but it is an invaluable decision. The cost can't compare with the expenses that may result from possible theft. In that case, rekeying is worth your money. 

3. After a Robbery Incident in Your Home

A robbery incident warrants an immediate lock rekey. Even if the robbery was unsuccessful, replacing the locks is crucial. The robbers may have mastered your locks and could attempt the robbery yet again. They might come armed with better tools to enable them to succeed in their mission. In this scenario, it is wise to replace the locks with high-quality ones. 

Having a professional rekey is critical in all the situations listed above. Since your family's security and safety come first, you should not take chances with compromised lock systems. Therefore, contact a professional locksmith when you face any of these situations. 

It is also good practice to rekey your locks every few years since they lose their efficiency over time. Ensure you work with a skilled and experienced locksmith for quality purchases and installation. Also, a reliable locksmith offers around-the-clock services and quick response times in lock emergencies.