Getting the Right Boxes for Your House Moving Endeavours: 3 Vital Things to Consider

Posted on: 4 December 2015

Moving house as a do-it-yourselfer is a very demanding activity, both physically and psychologically. Thus, you will need to plan well in advance for the move. One of the things that you'll have to ponder over before you can move your belongings is how they'll be packed. That's the time when moving boxes come to your mind. These packing supplies can help you store lots of stuff, ranging from your LED TV set, clothing items, novels, and many other household things. Here is a basic primer to help you choose and buy the right boxes for your move.

Strength of the boxes

Moving boxes come in different thicknesses and strength. There are light-duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty boxes, all available for different moving and storage purposes. Consider buying a few heavy-duty boxes (preferably made of wood or hard plastic) to move the most priced or delicate things and then using light-duty boxes (like carton boxes) to pack lightweight items, e.g., stuffed toys and clothing, which do not need extensive protection. Heavy-duty boxes are great for house removals because they are built sturdy enough to endure the weight of other items that may be stacked on top of them in an effort to save space in your moving van or in your storage container.

Size of the boxes

Another important thing you should consider when selecting moving boxes is their size. These boxes come in various sizes so that you can find a perfect fit for different items. Specialty boxes of different sizes may be supplied to keep your appliances, dishes, picture frames, clothing, and even bedding whilst providing maximum protection for them during the entire process. 

To avoid damaging the boxes by making them too weighty, it is essential to store heavy things like books in small boxes. Lighter things like pillows, duvets, soft toys, or mattresses can be kept in larger boxes. In essence, large boxes are best for packing voluminous, not heavy items. 

Number of boxes required

Once you've thought about the strength and size of boxes you'll need for the move, you're free to buy as many as you'll deem necessary, depending on the number of items you own.

Ultimately, you'll need a mishmash of boxes to make the move successful. Remember that deciding on the correct moving boxes can go a long way in making the entire process smoother, according you rest of mind by knowing that all your possessions will survive the road trip. Contact a company like Store-It-Safe to find the boxes you need.