4 Lock Types You Should Consider for Your Garage Door

Posted on: 7 December 2015

Many homeowners do not think about the locks on their garage doors. Consequently, they never take the initiative to change the lock that was installed with the garage door. This leaves them with outdated locks that may be vulnerable to burglars. This article discusses some lock types that you should consider retrofitting on the old garage door in your home.

Digital Locks

These are operated using a keypad. Once the right code is entered, the garage door opens. This type of lock is very hard to pick using common lock picking tools like a slim jim. These locks offer a high degree of convenience since the garage door can be opened without leaving the comfort of your car.

Fingerprint Operated Locks

These offer a very high level of security because only the individuals whose fingerprints are saved in the lock system will be able to open that garage door. The downside of these locks is that they require you to touch the fingerprint sensor pad in order to open your garage. This means that you may be compelled to leave your car during bad weather (such as when it is raining). These locks are also very expensive.

Deadbolt Locks

You may install a single cylinder lock or a double cylinder lock. The single cylinder lock is operated using a key and a knob. The knob is inside the garage while the key is used to open the door when you are outside. Double cylinder locks require the use of a key whether you are outside or inside the garage. Deadbolt locks are much harder to pick when compared to the spring locks that are installed on many garage doors.

Side-Mounted Bolts

These are mounted on the track of the garage door. This type of lock has a simple design but it is very difficult to access and pick. This is because the lock is installed inside the garage. This lock may be a very good extra security measure to have on your garage. This is because it can be used in conjunction with an electronic locking mechanism.

Your garage is one part of your house that may be targeted by burglars. It is therefore very important to ensure that you keep upgrading the security measures that you have in place to thwart any break-ins. Consult a locksmith for advice about the latest garage door lock that you can install on your garage door.