Locksmith Tips: Improving Your Residential Security

Posted on: 7 December 2015

The security in your home should be excellent to ensure that your family and assets are well protected. There are diverse aspects that will affect the safety in your property, and these include the neighbourhood, the proximity of neighbours and lighting factors. However, the most important is the security locks installed on potential entryways for intruders. It is critical to ensure that you have the right locking features for ideal home safety. Here are some guidelines on ensuring that your residential security remains strong.

Upgrade Your Locks

The security industry develops new locking mechanisms and technologies periodically. This is a crucial element because thieves and burglars eventually learn how to pick or bypass the common locks in the market. If your home is secured using obsolete locks, you will be vulnerable to diverse threats. Therefore, you should consider carrying out periodic upgrades of your door locks. For instance, if you are using a simple pin wafer tumbler, you should consider upgrading to deadbolt locks which are harder to breach. In addition, you can incorporate electronic locks because they eliminate the risk of thieves accessing your home by stealing your keys.

Replace and Rekey

If you have experienced a security breach, it is essential to discuss your options with the locksmith. The security threat can occur if you lose your keys or they are stolen in unfortunate circumstances. In some cases, you might give a copy of your keys to a friend or family member, and the relationship becomes sour. Generally, an expert lock technician can rekey your locks to prevent usage of the old keys. This reconfiguration is less costly, and it is as effective as installing a new lock. On the other hand, replacement is beneficial if your locks cannot be modified easily or the mechanism is old and ineffective.

Assess Vulnerabilities

You should examine your residential buildings for weaknesses so that you can reinforce the potential areas of access. Typically, most intruders will gain entry using obvious features such as doors and windows. Therefore, ensure that the front, back and patio doors have good locks that are always engaged. Also, it is prudent to fit all your windows with locks.

It is advisable to choose your residential locksmith before you require the pertinent services. If you select a technician in a hurry during a desperate moment, your choice might be incompetent or illegitimate. You should look for obvious aspects such as license, track record and professional associations. In addition, ensure that they provide 24-hour service and are mobile for your convenience.