Run-of-the-Mill Door Lock Issues Every Homeowner Should Expect to Happen

Posted on: 8 December 2015

If you have been lucky enough to evade experiencing any problems with your door locks, there is still a good chance that these issues will occur. After all, your door locks are the main access barriers between you and your home. Therefore, chances are high they'll eventually get broken or you'll lose your house keys at some point. That said, you need to be aware of door lock glitches that occur most often so that you can equip yourself with the solution as and when they happen.

Issue #1: Key is stiff and won't turn

If you are finding it hard to unlock your door by turning the key in the lock, don't force the key to turn as you might end up breaking it. There is a number of simple, but useful steps you should follow to try and free things up. First, check if you are using the right key; it is not unusual to get confused once in a while and use the wrong key. If you are sure you have the correct key in your hand, then apply a little lubricant to help lubricate the lock cylinder. Insert the key into the lock and try to turn it again. If these steps don't work, it is best to call in a professional locksmith. A stiff key could point out the need to change your door lock.

Issue #2: Key gets stuck in the lock

When this happens, it is a smart move to contact a qualified locksmith straightaway. Applying excessive force while trying to take out the key by yourself increases the risk of snapping or breaking the key inside the lock cylinder. If you must, however, make sure you pull out the key directly without twisting it.

Issue #3: Lock is faulty

When keys turn but don't unlock your doors, it is highly possible that the internal mechanism of the locks has failed. Some components inside the locks could be either broken or worn and need to be repair. If the components are severely damaged, then you might have to buy a new lock.

Issue #4: Broken key

Sometimes, your keys may tend to get stuck or fail to turn when you don't have the mind or patience to consider that you might actually need the help of an expert locksmith. As such, there are instances when keys will break in locks because you applied a lot of unwarranted force while attempting to unlock the doors yourself. Broken key issues are best handled by specialized locksmiths. Hence, you should keep contact details of emergency locksmiths just in case such an ordeal arises.