Tips for Properly Installing a Wall Safe

Posted on: 15 December 2015

The main concern of any property owner is often safety and security. You take steps to ensure that both your loved ones and possessions are safe. Adding security to your property is possible with the installation of a wall safe. The theft of personal property is one of the most reported crimes of property owners. A wall safe keeps all of your valuables safe inside and is often out of reach. It is essential that you follow a few tips when installing a wall safe in your home.


The most integral part of the wall safe installation process is placement. You need to choose the location where you install the safe carefully. Convenience should not be your major concern. This means that installing in your office or bedroom might not be ideal. It is suggested that you choose a location of your home that is most inconspicuous. You need to be sure that the wall you choose to install the safe in is free of any piping or electrical wires, but you also want it to be out of plain view. A closet wall is often a great location for a wall safe inside of your home.

Stud Sensor

It is also a good idea to use a stud sensor when you are trying to install a wall safe. This type of sensor will allow you to detect where the studs are located on the wall. It is best to install a wall safe between two studs. This means that you need to use the stud sensor to determine where the studs are placed. It is possible to use a drywall saw when you are creating an opening. This type of saw is designed for cutting through this material and will allow for the most ease. It is recommended that you actually screw the safe into the wall studs. This will ensure that the wall safe is more secure and much more difficult to remove.

Wall Inserts

Once you have cut the hole for the wall safe, you need to fill the spaces between the studs. These spaces can be filled using wooden shims. Make sure that the shims are cut to size. This will enable you to build the studs out so that they are flush. When you are inserting the wall safe into the wall, make sure that the safe door is open and that the safe is tilted slightly to make it easy to be placed inside the wall.