Questions You Might Ask a Locksmith

Posted on: 22 December 2015

Putting quality locks on your home and ensuring that you're not putting your home at risk because of missing keys is the job of a locksmith. He or she can get you back into your home when you've locked yourself out, but this isn't all that they do for you. Note a few questions you might ask a locksmith about their services so you know your home is secure and know your options when it comes to what they might do with your home's locks and overall security.

1. Can all the locks in your home work with one key?

In most cases, you can have locks on your home's back door, side door, and front door all rekeyed so that they work with just one key rather than separate keys. This is much more affordable than putting new doorknobs or locks on all the doors. There may be some types of locks that won't work with your existing front door key, such as a lock to a patio door wall or a padlock you have on the garage, but if you'd like to reduce the number of keys you use for your home, ask a locksmith about your options.

2. Why is adding a deadbolt so important if a doorknob has a very secure lock?

Locksmiths might recommend that you add a sturdy deadbolt to a front or back door even if you have a new door or doorknob with a secure lock. This is because doors are usually kicked in by thieves; locks are not so often picked to gain entry. Picking a lock takes skill and knowhow and the proper tools, but anyone with some muscle can kick in a door. Typically it's the doorknob that breaks away from the frame that breaks when kicked, but a sturdy deadbolt adds security to this part of the door, keeping you more secure than a plain doorknob ever could.

3. What are your options if you've lost your keys

You may dread the thought of having all the locks to your home changed if you lost your keys, but usually a locksmith can simply rekey them, just as they would to make them match your one key, mentioned above. They would rekey the locks to fit an entirely new key that they cut to match. This is usually much less expensive than having new locks installed but will protect you from someone simply entering your home because of having picked up your keys.

For more information, or if you have other questions, contact locksmiths in your area.