Vehicle Security: Selecting Ideal Anti-Theft Devices

Posted on: 28 December 2015

Your vehicle is an expensive asset, and its loss can result in difficulties and inconveniences with regard to commercial and personal transportation. Therefore, it is important to improve the security in your automobile to reduce the risk of theft. There are obvious ways in which you can reduce the security hazards to your vehicle. These include parking in enclosed garages, avoiding unsafe routes and ensuring that the auto doors are always locked. Unfortunately, some criminals can bypass these measures, and the repercussions can be terrible if they target your car. You can enhance your vehicle's security by installing anti-theft devices, which can deter advanced car security threats. Here are the main anti-theft devices to consider purchasing for your vehicle.

Electronic Immobiliser

One of the popular methods used for stealing vehicles is hot-wiring. Basically, this is the process by which the criminal bypasses the car's ignition interlock and, consequently, starts the vehicle without needing the key. An electronic immobiliser is designed to prevent the hot-wiring process from becoming successful. In simple terms, this security device will disable the ignition system and prevent the engine from becoming active without the presence of the correct key. Generally, the immobiliser must detect the radio-coded fob designed for your vehicle before allowing operation. If you have a modern car, this device is probably preinstalled. For older vehicle models, consider consulting a car locksmith about purchase and installation.

Steering Lock

The steering lock might seem like an outdated device in the modern auto world, but it still highly effective. In essence, this is a mechanical immobiliser, and it is designed to prevent the movement of the steering elements. Most steering locks are solid metal discs which are normally wrapped around the auto steering wheel. Such a lock will secure the handbrake and even the gear lever, and the removal of the lock without the right access is difficult. Moreover, the presence of the lock will considerably discourage amateur criminals looking for a quick grab. On the other hand, pros will not be easily deterred, so you should only use this in tandem with other anti-theft systems.

Auto Tracker

If you have an expensive and high risk vehicle, you should consider installing a tracker. This is not per se an anti-theft device, but it will allow you to find your vehicle after the initial auto theft. Basically, the device is a black box fitted with GPS functionalities, and it will transmit signals to satellites, providing the location of the vehicle. Most large locksmith companies can install trackers in vehicles easily.