Why You Should Choose A Steel Wall Safe For Your Home: Protecting Your Valuables Properly

Posted on: 4 March 2016

Home security is always the highest priority when it comes to owning your own home. Regardless of where you live, robberies and theft can occur at any given moment. But many homeowners make the mistake of not investing in a high quality steel wall safe to protect important valuables. Even if your home is well fortified by security glass or fencing, burglars can often still find access to your house, as scary as it might sound. Therefore, if you own your own home, you should look to invest in a steel wall safe to lock away any cherished valuables.

When a burglar enters your home, they will always look for items of value. The main issue with buying a typical office safe is the fact that they can be easily stolen. This is because office safes are freestanding, which means they can be easily carried away and moved.  While an office safe can be bolted to your floor or wall, a burglar can still pry it off with the right tools. This is also the case for many fire resistant safes, which are typically freestanding as well. This is why you should choose a steel wall safe when looking to secure your valuables. Here is some more information about wall safes and how they can provide you with the proper protection.

A Wall Safe Is Incredibly Tough To Move 

A steel wall safe is the best option when it comes to durability, security and reliability. Because these home safes can be installed directly into your wall, it is almost impossible for a burglar to physically move the safe itself. This is because the safe will have layers of concrete surrounding it, which will keep it firmly stuck in between your wall. Unless the burglars use a heavy duty jackhammer in the middle of your home, the safe is not moving. Not only this, but a burglar will struggle to pry open or damage the steel material, as it is the strongest alloy available.  Note: You can also install a steel floor safe, which is equally as durable. A steel floor safe is installed directly into your floor surface.  If you install a steel floor safe, you can cover it with rugs, a sofa or even a false floor to keep it hidden away from burglars.

If you want to truly keep your valuables safe and hidden, a steel wall safe will provide you with the greatest security and protection.