All About Installing Pull Handles On Glass Doors

Posted on: 2 August 2017

Glass doors are the "in thing" in the construction industry today. They do a great job compared to other materials like wood or steel. Notably, going for the right type of handle puts some good icing on the cake and enhances the aesthetic appeal of the door. Pull handles are made in different styles and designs to match the aesthetic function that you desire from glass doors. If you are considering the installation of pull handles on your glass, here is the elementary stuff you need to know:

Select the Handle

Pull handles come in different designs and styles. They can be globular, straight horizontal, straight vertical or twisted among other design configurations. For a glass door, a simple vertical or horizontal design will suffice. Pay attention to the colour and material used to make the handle to ensure that it will match what you have in your home.  Ideally, go for stainless steel, brass or reinforced aluminium for optimal results.

Preparing for the Installation

There are a few things you must do before you start installing the pull handle. First, put on some protective clothing such as gloves to prevent injuries to your hands. Secondly, clean the glass to remove any dirt, grime and dust. All these elements weaken the bond between the pull handle and the glass door, limiting its structural integrity. Use ordinary glass cleaning solutions to ready the surface by wiping it with a clean, soft sponge or piece of cloth. Thereafter, spread some old pieces of cloth on your floor to protect it from the aftermath of the procedures.

Learn About Your Handle

After preparing the area and readying it for the installation of the handle, take time and learn about the handle so that you are aware of any special considerations needed for a god job. Read the manufacturer's manual for preferable adhesives, joint or cutting techniques required. Can you use adhesives or is the handle strictly meant for screws. Should the handle be installed through the door or on the surface of the glass?

Fit the Handle

For a DIY job, the best handle is one that you can install on the surface of the door using god quality adhesives. You can opt to drill, but the chances of messing up are quite high. Smear the adhesive on the handle and the surface of the glass door as recommended by the manufacturer. Press the handle gently against the glass and release after a few second. Wipe the surrounding area gently to remove any excess adhesive and leave your work in the open air to dry.