Beneficial Features Your Home Security System Should Have

Posted on: 21 February 2020

A home security system installation project is one of the simplest beneficial investments you can make. Security systems are designed to offer after-the-fact information and control. They even act as a deterrent since most burglars avoid breaking into homes that have been secured with CCTV systems. The key to getting the protection you and your loved ones need is to ensure you pick the best security system that offers a wide range of beneficial features. This will not only save you money in the long run but also help you get value for your investment.

Thanks to today's technology, security systems have made significant advances. Outlined below are vital features you should look for as you choose a home security system.

Advanced smart locks

Most people often forget to lock their doors, especially when they are in a hurry. It's also common for someone to question whether they have locked the door — they may even need to go back home just to confirm the suspicions. That uneasy feeling cannot be shaken off easily when you aren't sure if your house is protected or not. You don't have to worry when you install a security system that comes with a smart door lock. This feature enables you to check if all doors are locked, from anywhere, with your smart mobile gadget. If they aren't, you can secure them remotely instead of going back home. You may even program the doors to unlock or lock whenever you enter or leave the house.

Activity alerts and protection safeguards

Other than controlling the security system, the smart security application you have on your gadget will keep you informed. For instance, it can send an alert when someone tries to open your safe or once your children get home, among other activities. You can also get a reminder if you left the garage door open so you can close it remotely.

Some security systems also come with additional protection safeguards such as smoke alarms, water/flood sensors, window or mini door sensors and glass break sensors. With such features, your home will get the protection it requires during emergencies like carbon monoxide leaks, fire and an imminent flood that may occur once a water pipe bursts.

Video doorbell

This is another feature that's designed to offer more control and knowledge when you are at home or away. It enables you to monitor the front door from your smart mobile device. Thanks to the monitor sensor technology, you'll get a notification once someone gets to your door. You can use the video doorbell to hear, see, and communicate with the visitor.